Harvest Networks Backup Service is offered to all of our clients. Offsite data backups are more important than many people realize.

According to the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, 80% of companies without well-conceived data protection and recovery strategies go out of business within two years of a major disaster. Natural disasters, as well as fire, theft or equipment failure can cause a disruption in service and possible total data loss.

We utilize a four level backup plan.

Level 1: RAID (redundant hard drives)
Level 2: Shadow Copy (Microsoft’s Versioning backup)
Level 3: Monthly full and daily incremental backups to a network attached storage device using Symantec’s Backup Exec.
Level 4: Offsite backup for mission-critical data in 4 hour increments.

Harvest Networks Offsite Backup Service is 100% automatic – which does not leave the fate of your company in the hands of an employee, like it would with tapes. The data backup reports are audited consistently and any interruption in service will be investigated and resolved in a timely manner. Our clients select which files they want backed up and what schedule they would like. Then data is sent over the internet, fully encrypted, to our secure facility. Data recovery is crucial in a smooth running enterprise. It is key in minimizing productivity loss or business disruption, and internet access allows you to retrieve data 24/7 in our offsite vault.