Harvest Networks strives to be a GREEN, or eco-friendly, company. We take serious steps in our own office, and with our clients, towards preventing unnecessary waste and keeping hazardous computer byproducts from entering the environment.

We encourage every business to also take steps towards being more Eco-conscious. Below are just a few of the ways that our company helps the planet, and saves money in the process. We encourage you to also take these small steps. You can find more information on the EPA's website.

  1. Refill empty Ink Printer Cartridges instead of buying new.
  2. Use, at least, 30% Recycled Copy Paper.
  3. Outdated or broken computers and monitors contain hazardous materials (like cathode ray tubes) and should not end up in a landfill. Harvest Networks can make sure they are disposed of properly, and nontoxic parts are recycled.
  4. Turn off your desktop screen saver and set your computer screen to go into Sleep or Hibernate Mode when your system is inactive.
  5. Use a plug strip at your desk for your lamp, printer, phone, fax machine and computer. Unplug it over the weekend to save electricity.